High School Dancing

 Dancesport & Ballroom dancing has been my business since 1981 & I have successfully taught at a large number of public & private schools in the Perth metropolitan area since then.

The service I offer is very comprehensive, competitively priced & flexible. 

The classes are held at your school so the children do not need the extra expense of travel. 

We teach children from pre primary to year twelve & University. The dances that are taught vary from grade to grade & depending on the ability of each group as a whole.

At CDPA we aim:

To provide performing opportunities for all students regardless of ability

To recognise and nurture the talent of potential performers and teachers

Learning dance is a fun and exciting activity

To provide a nurturing and empowering environment for students

To develop and maintain a sense of belonging and community for students, parents and teachers

To provide students with the best possible tuition.

Teaching high school students can be more challenging as the children have their own view on dancing. I try to make it a fun learning experience for them. It’s a fantastic skill for them to have. Dancing also builds student confidence and teaches respect.

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These classes really bring people together of all levels.
— Teacher