Learn to Dance Ballroom Beginners…….

Learn to dance:

It’s great fun
Everyone can do it
There are no age barriers
Parents can dance with their children at the same level
Great for mental sharpness
A fantastic creative outlet
Keeps the mind active

New Class - commences 25th July 2019.
Call to book & get in early.

We have many classes to choose from and we teach to each person’s abilities.
In the beginners group class you will learn the basics of the Charmaine + Excelsior Schottische + Tangoette + LaBomba + Tango Terrific + Evening 3 step + Gypsy Tap + New Vogue Quickstep + Mayfair Quickstep + Fetta Foxtrot + Feather Foxtrot + Dorothea Waltz + Canadian 3 Step + Presidents Daughters Waltz + Milittaire + Cassius + Turra + Murra.


This is all taught in a fun atmosphere, come along, bring a partner if you like and try it out.

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The beginner classes are such fun.
— Jennifer & Craig