Bridal Classes 



Come in with a song of your choosing & we will choreograph a Wedding dance specially for you for your Wedding Day. There is no up front costs you pay as you go. Lessons are one hour in duration to start with.

Everyone says how many lessons will I need. The answer is always the same you will know when you are ready & everyone learns at a different pace.

We have never had a failure. 

Give me a call early so we can get the dance underway. Its better to have it ready two months early & have a couple of run through's later than leave it to the last minute & cram the last week when you have so many more things to do. 

We also have many songs to choose from. 

If you are interested we have a DJ service specially tailored for the more traditional family wedding. Catering for the younger generation through to Grandmar & Grandpar.

We can teach your whole bridal party to dance as well so they wont feel left out & everyone will know how to dance on your special day. It’s fun.

Call now to book.